Specialty Family Practitioner/General Practitioner

Subspecialty General

Role and Facility Information

We are looking for family physicians who are interested in a salaried position. New to Practice contracts or Primary Care Networks contracted opportunities. We are interested in physicians who provide a full scope or longitudinal care.

If you are interested please contact Health Match BC who will refer your CV.

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Compensation Type
Clinical Service Contract
Estimated Remuneration
Physician Overhead
Overhead as noted in contract
Billing Split
pay as per contract

Benefits and Incentives

Vacation Leave
To be Determined
Other Benefits/Incentives
Benefits as noted in the contract. There is an option and room for discussion to have a blended contract and Fee for Service. There are also other incentives from the Division/Ministry of Health for in-patient networks. Options to work part time or share practice with another colleague. Options for Obstetrics, ER Work, Youth Clinic and Residential. Tailor your practice to have variety in your career!
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