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In accordance with the Vision, Purpose, Values, and strategic direction of the Vancouver Island Health Authority
(Island Health), patient and staff safety is a priority and a responsibility shared by everyone; as such, the requirement to continuously improve quality and safety is inherent in all aspects of this position.

The Associate Physician in Neurology performs clinical duties within the scope defined by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia (CPSBC). Clinical care includes providing neurological evaluations in various settings within the organization under the supervision of attending neurologists. The Associate Physician is accountable to the Administrative Leader and Medical Leader for the quality of care and professional development, supporting continuous neuro-care in a team-based environment alongside attending physicians, medical residents, nursing, and allied health professionals.


Under the leadership of the Attending staff:

1. Provide Clinical Care: Conduct neurological assessments and manage the care of patients, including ordering medical tests, consultations with other services, and adjusting care plans based on patient conditions. Perform detailed neurological examinations and assess neurological status as part of patient rounds and consultations. Respond to consultations from in-patients and emergency referrals. Provide consultations in select outpatient clinics depending on need and skill set.

2. Documentation and Communication: You will perform and document neurological histories, physical examinations, progress notes, discharge summaries, and medication reconciliation as per CPSBC standards. You will communicate effectively with patients, families, other consulting services, and trainees regarding patient care plans.

3. Procedural Skills: Be able to perform lumbar punctures, EMG interpretation, EEG interpretation, and emergency management of acute neurological conditions such as stroke or seizures, based on established competence and supervisory approval.

4. In any and all of the above, the AP will not proceed until full orientation and competence has been established and sign-off by the AP Physician Supervisor or their delegate.

5. Professional Development: You will engage in a minimum of 50 hours per year of professional development, with at least 25 hours in accredited neurological training. You will attend clinical rounds or other available educational sessions appropriate to your skill level and clinical need.

6. Quality Improvement: You will participate in quality improvement projects related to neurology patient care or programs.

7. Compliance: You will compile with the AP programs CPD reporting requirements.


During a 12-week probationary period, the Associate Physician will undergo assessment and evaluation of their competence to perform the duties in the intended specialty areas under a Medical Leader. The evaluation will include assessment of:

Basic clinical skills
Communication skills
The ability and willingness to function as a member of a clinical team
Specialized knowledge and skills applicable to the intended clinical placement Clinical decision-making and the appropriate use of clinical and diagnostic resources Clinical documentation
Procedures required to function effectively within the team environment
Ongoing employment is contingent upon satisfactory completion of the probationary to a six month and annual reviews



Compensation Type
Administrative Contract

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