Madeira Park

Collectively with Garden Bay, Kleindale and Irvine’s Landing, the community of Madeira Park comprises an area known as Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast in southwestern British Columbia. Pender Harbour is the largest of the three primary Sunshine Coast communities, with Madeira Park serving as the business centre for the area. Pender Harbour is sometimes referred to as “Venice of the North,” because of its complex maze of islands, coves, lakes and reefs which are enjoyed by artists, photographers, hikers, canoers, kayakers and golfers alike.


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VCHA-6639 Nurse Practitioner
Permanent Full-Time
VCHA-6640 Nurse Practitioner
Permanent Part-Time
VCHA-6641 Nurse Practitioner
Permanent Full-Time
VCHA-6642 Nurse Practitioner
Permanent Part-Time